by Roman Oleh Yaworsky


SpiritUnleashed Publications (First printing, 2007)

9 x 6, 278 pages, acid free paper

Copyright © 2007 by Roman Oleh Yaworsky


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Part 1 – The Foundation

Being Centered: Living from your authentic self

The Inner child: Learning to act from your core

Feelings and Emotions

How Did We Lose Our Inner Child?

Young Face, Old Face: Your Postures in Life

Part 2 – Relationship

The Power of Relationship: Relationship is destiny

Healing the Fire Within: Revealing your heart

The Heart of the Matter: Recovering your heart

The Mind and the Heart

Part 3 - Regaining Your Center

Regaining your Power: Your own healing journey

Inner and Outer Will 

Another Approach to Your Ego

Direction: Knowing what is in your heart 

Sin: Separation from your Inner Nature

Who carries the responsibility for your life?

Addiction: What are you addicted to in your life?

Overcoming Addiction

Taking Care of What You Hold in your Heart



Putting it all Together


Excerpt from

The Mind and the Heart

Do you know where your mind is?


This chapter takes another look at feelings and emotions, but this time from the perspective of the mind.

Finding the mind

We are all familiar with the mind as the part of us that thinks! Most of us, if asked where the mind is, would point to our heads. Where else would it be? Believe it or not, the natural resting place of the mind is in the heart. Surprised or not convinced?

The heart is free, and through our heart, feelings arise freely, spontaneously. That spontaneity can extend to our mind, our thoughts and intentions. When the mind is centered, unperturbed and relaxed, it naturally settles here. In the heart, the mind can be open to the moment, to the experience of joy, to a sense of fullness and delight. These are actually the experiences we crave, and we often spend large amounts of money on vacations and entertainment to achieve even a glimpse of them.

Many of the practices in the great spiritual traditions prepare the mind to settle in the heart. Practices, such as prayer, meditation, and contemplation, chanting and even selfless or voluntary service tend to clear the mind of the negative impressions and experiences we tend to hold on to, and free it to re-enter the present moment of the heart.

People who act from their heart, and with their minds centered there, often have a power of presence  .  .  .